Final Processing

Automated state of the art facilities for multiple surface treatment processes reduce cost and allow for shorter lead times by removing the need to outsource. By combining all processing under one roof, Cyclone helps clients eliminate needless shipping and minimize logistical planning. Cyclone's vertical integration guarantees cost-effective, comprehensive and reliable service.

Cyclone's surface treatment and enhancement workshop is AS14001 compliant. Unsurpassed environmental controls and waste management means no discharges into the environment.

Cyclone's processing facility is able to perform the following:

Heat Treatment

Cyclone's Heat Treating is approved to NADCAP specifications and features drop-bottom and artificial aging furnaces designed to heat-treat and age both rough and machined aluminum parts. Automated to maximize efficiency, these machines ensure quality without long lead times.

Drop Bottom Furnace for Aluminum Parts

  • Designed and built to NADCAP specifications
  • 6 Second Quench Delay
  • 48" x 48" x 72" capacity
  • Maximum temperature of 1200° F
  • Temperature uniformity +/- 5° F

Artificial Aging Heat Treatment Furnace

  • NADCAP/IAI/Bombardier/Lockheed Martin Approved
  • 64" x 40" x 64" capacity
  • Temperature range 500° F
  • Type J thermocouples
  • Electronic data logger
  • Networked
See detailed heat treatment capabilities

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Cyclone offers comprehensive non-destructive testing of aluminum parts. Liquid-florescent penetrants reveal any cracks within the metal substrate which may form during machining. These tests are conducted to guarantee integrity without jeopardizing the integrity of the component.
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
See detailed NDT capabilities

Shot Peening

Shot peening realigns molecules in ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic alloys, guarding the metal against stress-corrosion and cracking. The net result? Lighter, stronger parts meaning safer aircraft with longer life cycles.

Cyclone performs saturation shot peening, shot peen straightening, rotor flap peening and shot peen forming. Unlike its competitors, all of Cyclone's peening equipment use stainless steel shot. The result is considerable waste reduction.
See detailed shot peening capabilities


Facility #3 is home to Cyclone's anodizing plant. Anodizing improves corrosion-resistance and prolongs the life of metal components. Built to NADCAP specifications, eight-tub system can manage parts up to 3 ft x 9 ft x 25 ft.
  • Boric Sulfuric Acid Anodizing (BSAA)
  • Chromic Acid Anodizing (CAA)
  • Tartaric-Sulfuric Acid Anodizing (TSAA)
  • Chem Film/Conversion Coating
See detailed anodizing capabilities


See detailed passivation capabilities

Primer and Topcoat

Cyclone provides a host of painting services including the application of primers, integrated fuel tank coating, and spraying epoxy and enamel top-coats. Our NADCAP compliant facility comes equipped with a drive-foam loop and an ASTM certified humidity-controlled cure oven which can accommodate parts up to 6 ft x 8 ft x 25 ft.

For full approvals, click here.
See detailed primer and topcoat capabilities

Minimum Heat Treat Lot Charges range from $300-$650. Please see here.

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Cyclone Manufacturing is dedicated to meeting environmental commitments as required by the municipality, province and federal government. As a demonstration of this commitment, we have attached the 2016 “Toxics Reductions Act – Summary” for review by the general public. Any questions regarding the document can be forwarded to