Sheet Metal Fabrication

Cyclone expanded its sheet-metal fabrication, assembly and heat treatment capabilities with the addition of a second, state-of-the art 40,000 square foot facility in Milton, Ontario. The facility is located 15 km west of the main office.

The facility utilizes brake and rubber press technologies as well as multiple CNC routers and automated deburring machines.

CNC Routers

  • 144”x48”
  • Vacuum bed
  • Up to 1” thk

CNC Brake Press

  • Up to 130” long
  • 20” axis Depth
  • 125 Ton
  • 4 axis

Rubber Press

  • 24”x48”
  • 3.5” Tool Height
  • 2000 Ton

Automated Deburring

  • 48” x Infinite Length
  • Aluminum Oxide Brushes
  • Vacuum Belt

Extrusion Stretch Forming

  • 120” x  Length
  • 5 Ton Capability

Having all of this equipment under one roof enables Cyclone to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication services, all in one place. In addition to cutting and forming, Cyclone also provides on-site heat treatment, aging, freezing, sub-zero storage, and corrective forming.

The advantage to customers is noticeable: reduced costs, improved accountability and short production lead-times.